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How to wage battle (of the everyday)

People sometimes say that business is war, but in actuality, conducting life properly is like war. Being able to organize and make things work, there must be strategy, execution, and constant attention. Otherwise, inertia and entropy set in and things fall apart again. A manicured lawn doesn't happen by accident but due to continual care. It's enough to say why bother. Well, for today, let's bother to talk about it.

So here are the three tips on how to wage battle (of the everyday):

Prepare to face conflict every day. Even though you might face none today or even perhaps the entire week, you will run into it especially if you work around people. Sun Tzu said, do not depend on it not coming, but be ready for it in case it does come. 

You pick your battles wisely. You don't fight every battle that presents itself. Those battles have to be worthwhile enough to fight. You've enough time and energy in the day for one or two at most.

You can indeed convert an enemy into a friend. I'm not a big believer in focusing on the competition too much as a long as I am busy being productive. You would naturally win because you're simply playing at an entirely different level. Being focused on opponents only gets to better, not necessarily best. How you convert an enemy into a friend is to be stronger than he or she is. That is to say, even though wasps are mean, they aren't necessarily our enemies because they're not worthy of our time. You can extend an olive branch; if he or she accepts it great, if not that's ok too.


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