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How to succeed at what you do

The alternative title to this blog entry is how to not fail at what you do. Failure is likely when you try to do things outside of your control. In those cases, you are merely spinning your wheels mentally and physically and the bad part is there is nothing to show for it in the end. Because it's outside of your control!

What you must focus on is what you can control. This means your own actions such as your reactions to what happens to you. You can also plan things out to be more prepared. But trying to control what others do brings much grief and unhappiness. It isn't beneficial either to you or the person you're trying to control.

Can you still fail in your own actions? Sure. But the chances of success are significantly higher. You know you. With caution and attention, you will likely succeed in employing your actions. Since how others respond belongs to them, not you, it is outside of your success equation.

For example, if you are a singer, you can only train your voice and sing the best you can during a performance. How the audience reacts to your singing is up to them, not you. To worry about whether they will like your performance is less beneficial than to worry about practicing your voice to do what you want it to do.

Today's principle helps you to be more effective, allowing you to spend more time and effort on the things that ultimately matter.


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