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How to motivate yourself on Mondays

A major accounting firm not too long ago tried to call themselves "Monday." Any typical human being who works for a living would tell you it was a mistake but they promptly explained that Monday was the first day of the business week and what thriving businessperson wouldn't like that? Surely logic would win out. Well, it didn't. They got panned soundly by virtually everyone including the Wall Street Journal and wisely decided to stick with their old name.

The lesson of the story is Monday has a bad rap. It is perhaps the busiest day for most people and so it's not a day people look forward to. But why not? Sure it's busy but is busy necessarily a bad thing? Regardless here's what I do to motivate myself for Monday:

1) Monday is a clean slate to start over again. Remember when you said the most inappropriate thing last Thursday? Or when you missed a deadline last Tuesday? Well, in business time, all that is ancient history. Most people can't remember what they had for lunch on Sunday much less remember what others did before the weekend. What they do remember are trends and repetitions. That's how reputations are built. Here's your chance to prove to others you are a performer if you so choose. If you do this every week, starting on every Monday, imagine the reputation can you build.

2) Mondays are busy for a reason: people are getting work done! Since people know that you would be busy on Mondays, they tend to disturb you less and thus you get more things done. Conversely, if you need something done, experiment to see if your request couldn't be queued up for Monday (instead of a Friday, for example) and see if you would have better luck.

3) We all do exercises because we know it's good for us. There are resistance and exertion involved. Why not see Monday as an exercise. It is like a test of our strength. Because you have made it to this Monday, it's apparent you were stronger than all past Mondays. Every one of them. Odds are this Monday would be no different.

A final note: Mondays make Fridays better. A day that is considered a fun day wouldn't be considered fun if all other days are fun, too. But Mondays can be fun (sort of) if you see it in a different light.


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